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In Search of Mindfulness? Learn a New Skill Take a Creative Class

“I need to slow down…find some balance…I can't keep up…I need a break from the speed of life...I want to be mindful and creative.” Everyday people from near and far come into our bright, sunny studio and say very much these same things.

We live in a world fueled by technology and while so much of it is good, it can leave us anxious, stressed, and depleted. Humans are easily distracted and studies have shown that multitasking (or switching your attention from thing to thing constantly) actually lowers cognitive performance, contrary to conventional thought. 

In other words, a digital detox may be what you need and we can help!

Sitting still and being mindful through making has proven benefits for health and well-being to balance our notification-filled, caffeinated, digital, and multitasked modern lives.

Data (Huffington Post, Verily) also shows that regularly engaging in creative, free-flow, nonjudgmental making can improve mood, reduce stress, and increases overall brain function.

Flexing your “analog” making creativity may come through any number of activities, like:

These are all activities which require undivided attention and will take you to your flow, a state of reduced awareness of time and internal or external chaos—a calm focus where you are tapped into positive thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. In other words, mindfulness.

Writing and making helps us state to oneself or to others: “this is who and where I am at this moment.” It may also improve our social bonds through sharing an experience or skill. By providing the platform to engage in the simple joys of analog creation, we see stressed people become calm and centered right before our eyes.

Creative making is uniquely cathartic, and not a placebo. It can lower your levels of stress hormone cortisol. And, by requiring communication between different parts of our brain, creating can also help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

At The Paper Seahorse, our mission is to improve the quality of life of people overwhelmed by our fast-paced, technology-driven world.  Rather than being in front of one screen or another throughout the day, we make a point to unplug, unwind and enjoy the benefits of peace, relaxation and positive energy that mindful creation can bring into our lives.

Our collective health and wellness depends on it!

Japanese Stationery Lover

If you don't already know, we are obsessed with Japanese stationery.  Probably because they make some of the world's best paper goods.  Visitor Skylar Hand was so enamoured with our latest goods: Classiky, Tools to LiveBy, Life, Midori, Vintage ephemera, MT washi tape, that she made a video about it. It is a great overview of our latest and greatest stationery treasures.  You can watch it here and better yet, come visit or shop online.

National Letter Writing Month Inspiration #4: Letters For Positive Change

For the final week of National Letter Writing Month, we have saved the best for practices for writing letters for positive change. The Tampa Letter Writers co-founder, Tammy Wright, has put together an informative video to help you get started in creating change.  Our voice is free and one of the most powerful tools we have.  Taking the time to act, using the power of the pen, is empowering and impactful.  We all have passions and taking a few minutes to be heard can make all the difference.  Go ahead we dare you create change now!  

Mentioned In This Video:
Tampa Letter Writers Club
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Find Your Representative
Florida Water Management Districts

If you are local to Tampa, join us Saturday April 29th from 9am - 11am.  The Tampa Letter Writers Club is hosting this free and informative event. Come experience the power of written word as we celebrate National Letter Writing Month. Learn about letters for positive change. We are all passionate about many topics. Harness your passions and put them into action. Get inspiration on writing letters and postcards to your local legislation or any governing entities and organizations that can affect change. Your voice matters and it should be heard. FREE and open to the public. All materials supplied.

BONUS: Register for this event and receive 10% off your registration for The Art of Letter Writing Workshop that same day 1-4pm. Learn about the new snail mail movement is happening around the globe. Participants will discover the beauty of lovely crafted letter writing tools; write with a beautiful fountain pen; type on a vintage typewriter; and get creative with envelopes, labels, and vintage postage. Lastly, we will discuss how to find like-minded enthusiasts including pen pals and letter writing clubs.

Includes your very own letter writing kit featuring: Tomoe River paper, Life paper, envelopes, ephemera, address labels, and postage.

See you Saturday for some snail mail goodness.

Letter Writing Resource List


As part of National Letter Writing Month, we have put together a list of resources that will aid you in your snail mail pursuits.  From basic costs of mailing to how to find a pen pal, this handy list will get you on your way to letter writing.  Thank you to Tampa Letter Writer co-founder, Tammy Wright for this great guide:

Postal Rate Information -

Postal News -

USPS Zip Code Lookup -!input.action

Postage Price Calculator -

Mailbox Map (US Only) -

How To Address International Mail -

National Postal Museum -

Arago -

Where To Find Pen Pals

Kindred Spirits

Missive Maven -

Cappuccino and Art Journal -

National Letter Writing Week Inspiration #3: How To Start A Local Letter Writing Group

Tampa Letter Writers Club

We are often asked how one can find a group of letter writers in their local area? We hear that most often there is nothing like that in their neck of the woods. So, we say ask and you shall receive! Start one yourself. It’s simple and a lot of fun. Have a meet up so you can find like-minded people by doing the following 10 easy steps:

  1. Find a place to host it. The library, a coffee shop, someone’s home or office after hours.
  2. Let people know via flyers, email, your choice of social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever else is out there.
  3. Gather your materials. This can be pens, pencils, paper, cards/envelopes, a typewriter, stamps, washi tape, colored pencils and rubber stamps.
  4. Pick a theme (or not) Who will you write to? Friends, family, thank you notes, letters of action for positive change, business correspondence, holiday cards or to local charities and first responders. Retirement homes, hospitals, orphanages, anyone who could use a smile and a written hug.
  5. Put on music, set a mood. Have fun refreshments – tea/coffee, cookies and chocolates.
  6. Write until your heart is content.
  7. Exchange ideas for the next social, mix it up, do something different each time.
  8. Make a list of potential members so they will know when the next meet up is.
  9. Look for other groups in your area that might want to meet up with you. Cross pollination is energizing and mash ups are neat.
  10. Take your cards and letters to the post office!

Yes, its that easy. Let us know if you start a group in your area, we will sponsor your first social. Simply email us. For more inspiration please visit the Letter Writers Alliance for more inspiration, ideas and to even find a pen pal.