Succotash at the Studio

Our Ybor City Winter Pop-Up is Extending Into the Spring

Frivolous Dry Goods store front
What started as a holiday pop-up shop for the Winter is now extending into the Spring season. Many of our first-time visitors, who had never heard of The Paper Seahorse before, are now becoming second-time and third-time visitors, at a place that is becoming an analog refuge for Yborians and Tampanians alike.
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Handwritten Letters on National Handwriting Day

National Handwriting Day is a day for celebrating all things handwritten. To get in the spirit, we announced a special Handwriting Contest on social media: Write one good deed you have planned for 2019, snail mail it to our South Howard studio, and the winner receives a copy of Michael Sull's American Cursive Handwriting Textbook. The response blew us away.  Click below to keep reading.
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How Visualization Helps Us Achieve Our Goals

Vision Board Goal Setting

Athletes have a handy trick for performing better in a game. Before they start, they picture themselves making a goal and scoring. Musicians do it too, by picturing themselves playing the correct notes before going on stage. 

What they’ve learned to do is a more-than-nifty trick that involves our brain: When we visualize something in our head, neurons equate the visualization to real-life action. Click below to keep reading.

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