Succotash at the Studio

Japanese Stationery Tour: Our Top 10 Picks - Part I

On my first visit to Japan, my love for stationery pretty much took over the whole thing. The attention to detail and exquisite care in all things Japanese are definitely evident in their paper stores. We had a few places to visit and we kept stumbling upon many more! These are our top picks from the 2019 Japanese Stationery tour. Part 1: TOKYO. Click below to keep reading.

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Volume 811: The Library Pencil

Blackwing volume 811

Blackwing's newest limited edition pencil pays respect to Maya Angelou, the importance of libraries, and finding hope through knowledge. Click below to keep reading.

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Celebrating a Year of Calligraphy Kits

A Year of Calligraphy Kits at The Paper Seahorse
Making the perfect calligraphy kit was our goal when we partnered with Lindsey Bugbee a year ago. Since March 20th, 2018, we've officially sold over 700 calligraphy kits around the world. As we approach the 1 year anniversary, we have a very special way of celebrating the Calligraphy Kit's birthday. Click below to keep reading.
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