Succotash at the Studio

Celebrating a Year of Calligraphy Kits

A Year of Calligraphy Kits at The Paper Seahorse
Making the perfect calligraphy kit was our goal when we partnered with Lindsey Bugbee a year ago. Since March 20th, 2018, we've officially sold over 700 calligraphy kits around the world. As we approach the 1 year anniversary, we have a very special way of celebrating the Calligraphy Kit's birthday. Click below to keep reading.
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The Paper Guide: A Cheat Sheet for High Quality Paper and its Uses

The Paper Seahorse paper guide
Figuring out the difference between certain brands, and which type is best for which use, can be daunting if you're new to higher-grade paper. This handy guide breaks down the difference between brands, which has the best quality, and how to figure out which paper you should use for different purposes. Click below to keep reading.
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Note Taking, Sketching, Scheduling - There’s a Mnemosyne Notebook for Everything

mnemosyne notebooks inside The Paper Seahorse
Mnemosyne is the Greek goddess of memory - she is also an amazing line of Japanese-made notebooks. From the flexible, minimalist cover, to the glass-smooth paper, to the micro-perforated pages, Mnemosyne's practical approach to an all-needs notebook makes them some of the greatest in the world, with sizes and shapes for any purpose. Click below to keep reading.
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