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Japanese Stationery Tour Part II: Our Top 10 Picks Continues

Stationery stores are almost as prevalent as vending machines in Japan. Some of my favorites from this trip were found in Kyoto, maybe because they were smaller or because we loved it so much there, but probably because we hope to carry these paper products very soon! Enjoy Part 2 of our Japanese Stationery Store: KYOTO. Click below to keep reading.

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Celebrating a Year of Calligraphy Kits

A Year of Calligraphy Kits at The Paper Seahorse
Making the perfect calligraphy kit was our goal when we partnered with Lindsey Bugbee a year ago. Since March 20th, 2018, we've officially sold over 700 calligraphy kits around the world. As we approach the 1 year anniversary, we have a very special way of celebrating the Calligraphy Kit's birthday. Click below to keep reading.
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The Blackwing Natural - The First Addition to the Blackwing Core Pencils in Almost a Decade

Blackwing natural pencils
It was a Pencil Lover's dream come true when Blackwing Pencils began reproduction in 2010 after a long discontinuation. For years, three incredibly made "core" pencils were offered by Blackwing - the soft, the firm, and the balanced Pearl.
For the first time in almost a decade, a new pencil is being added to the core product line. Click below to keep reading about the just announced Blackwing Natural and how you can get one.
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Your Signature: The Most Personal Form of Self Expression

For Michael Sull, handwriting is much more than just putting words on paper.

“It’s a personal way of communicating,” he says. “It’s a way for any person to individually express themselves, their thoughts, their emotions.”

In the modern age, more often than not, we find ourselves communicating with the world by typing on keys and swiping screens. Seldom do we have the chance to express ourselves, not just through our words, but in how we write those words. 

With handwriting, there is no barrier between you and your words. Every word is an intimate and personal moment, and whatever you’re feeling, whether happy or sad or angry or excited, can be reflected in the way you write.

Michael Sull, an IAMPETH-recognized Master Penman who has been teaching his mastery at handwriting for over 30 years, urges people to express themselves in any way they can, to have their own personal sense of identification, and to not lose themselves in the commotion of modern automation and instant communication.

One personal keepsake we can carry with us, no matter how digitized and computerized our world becomes, is our signature. “Your signature”, he says, “is your most personal sense of identification.”

When John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence, “he signed his name so boldly so the King of England could know that it wasn’t just ‘John Hancock…President of the Continental Congress…’, but it was ‘JOHN HANCOCK! President of the Continental Congress and this is what we believe, and we really mean it!’”

“He was the first American who expressed himself forcefully through his signature, and that’s what your signature and your handwriting can do for you.”

“So cherish it,” he says. “It’s very important. It’s part of who you are are, it’s part of who other people will recognize as you, and it's the most personal form of self-expression.” 

Mr. Sull, who has taught calligraphy, cursive, and penmanship around the world, will be bringing his practice to The Paper Seahorse to teach an immersive workshop on "Creating Your Artistic Signatures", November 30th.

It is just one opportunity in a four-workshop series to learn in an intimate and creative setting from a person many consider to be America’s most significant living Master Penmen.

He will also be teaching "American Cursive Handwriting" (November 30th and December 2nd), an "Intro to Spencerian Script" (December 1st), and "Decorative Flourishing" (December 2nd).


More information and details on the full weekend workshop series can be found here. Class sizes are limited, so those interested are encouraged to sign up as soon as they can!

As well as bringing his expert knowledge of penmanship to classes around the world, Michael Sull has also written several works considered modern classics in the field of handwriting. You can explore The Paper Seahorse’s selection of books by Mr. Sull, and practice your Cursive Handwriting or Spencerian Script before his arrival in late November.