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Volume 811: The Library Pencil

In 2010, Dr. Maya Angelou gave a speech at the New York Public Library. Poignantly, she said:

"Libraries are a rainbow in the clouds. In the worst of times, in the meanest of times, in the dreariest of times… at all times the viewer can see a possibility of hope.”

Volume 811

Blackwing Volume 811: The Library Pencil

Carrying on the message of Dr. Angelou's wise words, this is the newest limited edition pencil from Blackwing. Volume 811: The Library Pencil.

Libraries are a representation of hope. They are a reminder of where we have been as humans, and where we might want to go. They assure us that knowledge and the creative spirit is something that should belong to everyone.Blackwing 811An homage to the humble library, Volume 811 features an emerald gradient body, a reference to the classic green desk lamp that lights the halls of libraries around the world. It has a pink eraser, gold ferrule, and writes in firm graphite.

Libraries are a light in the dark. Volume 811 has a phosphorescent coating that makes it a literal "light in the dark". Leave it on your nightstand as a glowing reminder while you sleep.

Blackwing 811 glowing in the dark

Inspired by the words of Maya Angelou, "811" is a reference to the Dewey Decimal system, and a section where many of Dr. Angelou's greatest works can be found.

Blackwing 811 The Library Pencil

Throughout history, libraries have been sought out in war and conflict as a target to destroy a culture. Preserving libraries and the knowledge they store will always be important in any time.

When the world is confusing, when our minds our clouded, there is always hope inside the walls of the library.

Blackwing Volume 811 sold out in just a few days! This has been one of the most popular Blackwing Volumes we've had.

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