March 15, 2019 2 min read

Throughout the month of March, our focus here at our studio has been mindfulness & how we can practice it more in our day to day lives.

One of our favorite ways to come back to the present moment is through making: using our hands and waking up all of our senses to create something. Dedicating all our attention to something we're making is such a treat for the mind and soul.

If we take little breaks here and there to be mindful while making, it helps us learn how to embrace the present moment at other times in our lives.

These are some of our favorite analog activities that get us back to our center.

Handwriting a Letter

Letter Writing

Sit down, get comfortable, and use your favorite pen to write a letter for someone you know. Hear the sound of the pen stroking the paper. Lose yourself in a story that you’re telling someone else, knowing they haven’t read it yet but soon will.

Typing on a Typewriter

Blue Typewriter

Using a typewriter is a much more sensory experience than writing with a computer. Pay attention to the words you type on your paper. Hear and feel the clack of each letter hitting your paper as you type, and listen for the ding of the bell. Find yourself being more deliberate and mindful in everything you say.

Folding Origami

origami heart

Get swept up in the flow of paper folding, giving close consideration to every place your hands and fingers go. Feel the joy of holding the blank canvas of a square piece of paper, and seeing it transform from beginning to end into a beautiful work of art, all with your own two hands.

What do you like to do or make that helps you feel more present? Let us know!


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