Ways To Wellness

The Paper Seahorse presents…Ways to Wellness
A specialty collection for a richer, calmer life.

By embracing slow living, you can reduce anxiety, improve your mood and appreciate life. The Paper Seahorse is dedicated to providing serenity tools for a life well-lived. Our collection consists of:

The Little Box of Calm - Peace through analogue living. This starter box takes you from chaos to calm with a digital detox.

Keep In Touch: A Letter Writing Kit – The ultimate classic stationery box has everything you need to begin keeping in touch through letter writing.  

Gratitude is the New Attitude - Gratitude is powerful medicine. In these modern times, we could all use a little more positivity in life.

Letter Writing for Kids Only- Learn how fun the snail mail revolution is. Write a letter, receive a letter. Happy mail helps kids slow down, compose messages, improve handwriting and most important express themselves in a positive and interactive way.

Desk Essentials Tool Box – Discover the joy of a well-dressed desk. Making life better with everyday modern luxuries.

Modern Calligraphy Kit – Writing pretty starts here. This comprehensive kit has everything you need to start your modern calligraphy journey.

Write It Down: Everyday Set- Essential tools for expressing yourself distinctly. Give your desk some style.