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Letter Writing Kit: TRAVELER'S COMPANY Style

The new On-The-Go Letter Writing Kit TRAVELER'S COMPANY style has everything you need to stay in touch. ⁠

This bundle easily slips into your existing TRAVELER'S Notebook. You will love how handy it is!

- A cotton zipper case to organize all your postage, washi tape, ink refills, envelopes, postcards and more. These gorgeous cases are from the limited edition B-Sides & Rarities collection.

- The new letter pad features the famous MD paper designed for best writing comfort. It has lines on one side and grid on the other. ⁠We like to write letters and send a sketch.

- Three envelopes for your missives. Fun fact - these are made in the USA.

- The kraft file folder with 2 pockets to hold your letter pad, envelopes and more.

Just add your addresses!

Keeping in touch has never been easier.⁠ Write on and enjoy letter writing wherever you go.

Note: regular size is sold out, there are two passport sizes to select from!