June 18, 2017 1 min read

Washi tape literally means "paper" tape.  It is colorful and simple, can be torn by hand and is easily repositionable. The tape can be layered for pretty effects and it can be written on. It is often used in letter writing, mail art, decorating lunch bags to gift wrapping.  Whole walls have even been decorated with washi tape. Best of all, it is temporary and reusable.

There are many brands with varying degrees of sizes, color, price and pattern. In our opinion, not all washi is made equal.  MT is the original brand of washi paper masking tape, created by the 100 year old company Kamoi Kakoshi and produced in Japan. The superior level of ‘just right’ adhesion allows MT to be easily repositioned and to be used on painted walls without damaging paint. Their highest quality and vast selection of designs have made them be sought out by some of the worlds best artists.  We proudly carry a large selection of washi tapes, but our heart belongs to MT.

Read more about the MT Story here.

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