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MD Goat Leather Cover and Notebook

The Midori Diary (MD) Goat Leather Notebook Cover is one of the most exquisite things we have ever seen or touched. We would not expect less of this Japanese company and their premium paper that is loved the world over. These super soft natural leather covers come in several sizes: A6, A5, etc. and perfectly fit the MD Paper notebook line. 

The coolest thing about these is the way they suggest you age the covers. These are images of my first attempt at aging these succulent covers. I previously have used baby oil to "tan" leather sandals when I went to Greece. This is an all natural way of doing the same thing with much finer, more delicate leather.

So they suggest you put the notebook in a sunny window and leave for a couple of weeks, I did mine for two and some change. I do think it was too close to the edge of the sill the first week so I pulled it back as one edge was getting darker than the rest of the notebook. I also realized I had to flip it over to get the inside too. Also, I had it on the box and so on the inside it wasn't darkening evenly so I took it off the box (some sun was getting to the underside!)

This is right out of the box. A close up, front and inside cover:

This the result after almost three weeks, same close up, cover and inside. See how lovely it looks. It will darken over time and I can't wait to see how it goes:

MD goat leather notebook cover


Midori Diary Leather Notebook cover

I hope you get to try this for yourself, show us what yours looks like!

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July 08, 2019

Thanks for sharing the Midori color change! Wondering how it looks now, after another year? I’ve got two of these covers myself (A5 and A6), and they are currently similar to the photos you posted. Wondering if they will turn a little more caramel or brown after some more time?

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