MD Paper

MD Paper

Simple + made in Japan, this is paper that is made without compromise.

From the beginning pulpy stages to holding a notebook in your hand, MD Paper is the culmination of attention to detail. Only broad-leaved trees are used to provide a smooth finished texture. When the pulp is broken down, only fresh filtered river water with a high degree of purity is used to preserve a smooth finish. The paper produced after moisture has been extracted and the raw paper has been heated and dried is inspected numerous times to see if the quality is sufficient enough to be sold as MD Paper. 

The result is a line of products that play off the inherent appeal of paper to give you the ultimate comfort in writing. Listen to the unique sound MD Paper makes when you write on it, feel the way your ideas land and flow on the paper, and see the iconic simplicity of their notebooks that bring your focus towards your words and thoughts. 

MD Paper promises to continuously improve, from the 1960s to today and beyond.

MD Paper is a trademark of Designphil inc. in Japan alongside Midori