A memorable somewhere, a brass appearance that I want to continue using with attachment. The longer you use it for a long time, the material texture changes due to aging, it will be an irreplaceable tool. 
Brass has a unique beautiful gloss of copper and zinc alloy and has been used for materials such as architecture, furniture hardware, arts and crafts since ancient times. As it continues to use it oxidizes its surface, it turns into a tasteful soft color tone, creating a unique atmosphere. Also, in order to be able to use it for a long time, I stuck to the simple shape and comfort that used the characteristics of the material.


Writing utensils of brass products, pen cases, rulers are made in factories in Japan. 
Not only the texture and comfort of hands, as well as the sounds that sound when the fountain pen's cap closes, curves like a vintage car of a pen case, precise straight lines of rulers etc, are skilled at the factory It is born by comma unit adjustment by craftsmen and engineers. In the state-of-the-art machines, while using the tools of the age tool used, after undergoing processes such as press and cutting, at the end it is assembled while inspecting by human's hands.

Beautiful appearance of tool that was used for a long time. For example, please use it while imagining such a figure in 10 years.