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The New 2020 TRAVELER'S COMPANY Collection

The New 2020 TRAVELER'S COMPANY Collection

2020 has arrived!

Every year, TRAVELER'S COMPANY in Japan debuts an annual and limited collection of calendars, stickers, and other surprises for their line of cult notebooks, each with a new theme. 
This year, TRAVELER'S COMPANY asks the question: Wouldn't it be nice if each day was a step in a journey with TRAVELER'S notebook?

Weekly and Monthly Inserts - Regular and Passport

What's special about these inserts as opposed to their other calendar inserts, like the 007, 017, 018 and 019, is that these calendar inserts are pre-dated with the whole year of 2020 (plus a little extra from 2019 and 2021), making scheduling and journaling all the more convenient. 

Monthly Refill In Regular
Weekly Memo Refill in Regular

Monthly Refill in Passport

Weekly memo insert in Passport


 One of the most interesting features of each yearly collection is seeing how TRAVELER'S COMPANY decorates their plastic underlays.
Regular Notebook Underlay
Passport Notebook Underlay

Sticker Sets

Who can resist their fun and unique sticker sets?

Customized Sticker Set

Clear Folders

This time, TRAVELER'S COMPANY included new clear folders to go with their 2020 collection.

2020 Regular Clear Folder

2020 Passport Clear Folder

Get 2020 started in an organized and personalized way. Visit the full collection here.



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