April 17, 2017 2 min read

Tampa Letter Writers Club

We are often asked how one can find a group of letter writers in their local area? We hear that most often there is nothing like that in their neck of the woods. So, we say ask and you shall receive! Start one yourself. It’s simple and a lot of fun. Have a meet up so you can find like-minded people by doing the following 10 easy steps:

  1. Find a place to host it. The library, a coffee shop, someone’s home or office after hours.
  2. Let people know via flyers, email, your choice of social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever else is out there.
  3. Gather your materials. This can be pens, pencils, paper, cards/envelopes, a typewriter, stamps, washi tape, colored pencils and rubber stamps.
  4. Pick a theme (or not) Who will you write to? Friends, family, thank you notes, letters of action for positive change, business correspondence, holiday cards or to local charities and first responders. Retirement homes, hospitals, orphanages, anyone who could use a smile and a written hug.
  5. Put on music, set a mood. Have fun refreshments – tea/coffee, cookies and chocolates.
  6. Write until your heart is content.
  7. Exchange ideas for the next social, mix it up, do something different each time.
  8. Make a list of potential members so they will know when the next meet up is.
  9. Look for other groups in your area that might want to meet up with you. Cross pollination is energizing and mash ups are neat.
  10. Take your cards and letters to the post office!

Yes, its that easy. Let us know if you start a group in your area, we will sponsor your first social. Simply email us. For more inspiration please visit the Letter Writers Alliance for more inspiration, ideas and to even find a pen pal.

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