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UPPERCASE Magazine 40

Jan/ Feb/ Mar  2019

10th Anniversary Issue

Ten years ago, when I first set out to publish my own magazine, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had a vision, optimism and a line of credit and I thought that’s all I would need. To say that I’ve learned a lot since the inaugural issue would be an understatement.

To accomplish something big—something beyond our current capabilities—there’s a simple first step. Believe in yourself. There’s an infinite number of steps after that (and missteps are certain), but confidence coupled with perseverance can get you through. 

Now, with a decade of experience behind me, I’m reflecting on UPPERCASE’s legacy so far, and its longevity. In the current issue, #40, I muse about the simplest and most common art supply, the pencil. I wonder what makes something long lasting? What qualities make the pencil so iconic? How can UPPERCASE be an indispensable creative tool?

With the kind encouragement of you, my readers, I look forward to figuring this out in the years ahead!

- Janine