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Unlocking the Power of Essential Oils

Do you find yourself in need of a more positive energy or help accomplishing your goals and dreams? Many of us struggle with self-imposed limitations, but there ARE tools you can use to help you move past mental road blocks and find emotional peace. In this workshop we will utilize modern references on how to:

1) Address our negative self talk;

2) Create a helpful list of positive affirmations;

3) Learn about the aromatic and topical benefits of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils for emotional support;

4) Create a custom roller bottle blend of essential oils that address YOUR personal emotional needs.

You will learn to create blends to help you experience wellness and healing, and discover how applying them to certain areas of the body can create quick emotional shifts. This class is limited to 12 participants and includes a handout, materials for creating a list of positive affirmations, one glass roller bottle and the essential oils needed to make one custom blend that you take home.

Teacher: Bailey Ryczek

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