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TRAVELER'S FACTORY - Paper Cloth Zipper Case - Regular size in Blue

Previously only available in TRAVELER'S FACTORY shops in Japan, this zipper case for TRAVELER'S notebook is made by "fourruof", a brand of products using paper cloth and "paper cloth".

Paper cloth, which is processed with a special paste on thin cotton fabric, is characterized by being thin, light and durable. Overtime the material becomes softer and relaxes, changing the luster of the material from something new to something loved. 

One side has a zipper case, and the other has an envelope-type case for convenient storage of tickets and postcards, and a pocket for business cards and cards. The zippered case can be securely closed, so you can put money and keys in it, or inflate it a little to use as a pen case.

Available in Passport and Regular sizes in four colors: Blue, Mustard, Sky and Olive. 

Body / (folded) H210 × W120 × D10mm
5 pockets (card size x 3, zipper case x 1, envelope type case x 1)

These items are exclusive to TRAVELERS COMPANY Official Partner Shops. We can only ship this item in the United States. Thank you for understanding.

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