TRAVELER'S Factory Cotton Gift Bags

Christmas is coming soon. The gift season is coming, where many smiles will be born.

The TRAVELER's Notebook, which you always carry around and become attached to as you use it, is a recommended item as a gift for your loved ones. It is a cotton gift bag that is perfect for wrapping such travelers' notebooks.
There are two types of gift bags, one is a regular size gift bag that is perfect for Christmas gifts with refills in the regular size of the Traveler's Notebook, and the other is a passport size that can hold a brass pen in the passport size.

The regular size gift bag is made of thin cotton, so you can fold it and use it as an eco bag. For passport size, you can use it as a drawstring bag that fits your Traveler's notebook.

The bag is printed with the same book-themed design as the 2021 diary. With the message "With books and your TRAVELER'S notebook, you can travel anywhere at any time", Somerset Morme's "The Moon and Sixpence", Saint-Exupery's The motif is a literary work that feels like traveling around the world, such as "Night Flight". It is also recommended to use it as a bag for travelers' notebooks and books, or to give it as a gift to those who like books.

Refills, notebooks and accessories sold separately.