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The Paper Seahorse Letter Writing Kit

As dedicated mail geeks who love paper, stationery and sending happy mail; we are proud to introduce The Paper Seahorse Letter Writing Kit TM for letter writers and mail art lovers.

It’s easy to keep in touch with the super awesome box that contains the essentials for letter writing. This all-in-one kit contains everything to get started or continue your letter writing adventures. These kits make a great gift for someone you think would like to learn more about the joys of letter writing.  Once you’ve fully experienced this box, there will future kits available (with and without the keepsake box) to help you explore the world of keeping in touch.

Future boxes will include vintage postage, ephemera, handmade papers and stationery specialty items and mail art inspiration. If you’d like to know when these are available, send us an email.

The "Postman And I Are On A First Name Basis" K.I.T. has everything to help keep you organized and snail mailing for a long time. In this amazing kit you get:

  • a wax seal kit
  • a Le Pen to keep your correspondence colorful
  • an iconic Blackwing pencil for inspiration
  • letterpress stationery set 
  • a mini notebook to keep your addresses organized
  • two greeting cards 
  • a postcard 
  • postage for both cards and postcard
  • a roll of washi tape
  • two vintage Dennison mailing labels
  • Midori stickers 
  • a delightful postcard charm in glass jar

Note: contents may vary slightly, please allow us to select for you

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