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SPECIAL EVENT: Spooky Halloween Origami

SPECIAL EVENT: Spooky Halloween Origami

Bats, cats, pumpkins and more! Come clebrate Halloween with learning seasonal origami models. Our Saturday origami teacher Ian is back! He moved to Colorado and we are lucky to have his expertise this holiday weekend. Just for this special event, Ian will teach live and in person and show us how to make spooky origami models.

Folding paper is relaxing, mindful and enjoyable. Something we could all use right now. It is a lifetime hobby accessible by everyone at any age. Be warned though, it is addicting and the possibilities are endless. You meet the nicest people and make the coolest things with a piece of paper. Learning origami is like dancing with paper!

Instructor: Ian McRobbie

 1-3p $35 All proceeds will be donated to a FREE kids origami class this December.