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DIY Public Relations for Creatives: Getting Offline to get More out of Online

If you are like most creative entrepreneurs, you spend much of your time trying to promote yourself online. In this age of digital everything, we often overlook the power and influence of personal forms of communication.  Successful, creative entrepreneurs will tell you they get the biggest bang for their buck with PR.  If you haven’t thought of promotions beyond the digital, this class if for you.  Cutting through the clutter of emails, blog posts and social can seem daunting.  Adding public relations to your marketing mix is an easy and cost effective way to help your business shine and target the right audiences. It will also make all of your online communications more effective. 

This is not a social media class. It is a key component in specific relationship marketing that is in addition to your social media efforts. You will learn how to: 1. identify who your audience is and what is meaningful to them; 2. clearly and effectively present yourself to this audience; 3. create a memorable informational package and; 4. create a sustainable campaign to these key audiences. Expanding your brand’s reach beyond the screen in a highly targeted way can establish your company in a way you had only dreamed of.  

Teacher – Tona Bell