The Ultimate Luxury Desk Set

The Ultimate Luxury Desk Set is the pinnacle of our Luxury Gift Collection.  The finest quality and artisanal makers are curated in this all-in-one analogue desk set. It has everything you need to outfit the perfect writing and keeping in touch space.  Stylish and timeless, this ultimate gift is anchored with a vintage restored typewriter and a classic desk lamp. A brass fountain pen, as well as a box of hard-to-find limited edition Blackwing pencils and sharpener, make sure you have all the writing instruments you need.  THE best typing paper from LIFE brand, a luxurious leather Travelers Notebook in your choice of color, and a Delfonics stationery set, help keep your writing chic.  Finally, all of the elegant accessories: the Midori brass ruler; Tools to Liveby scissors; and clips are housed in the Classiky tool box to complete this amazing luxury desk package.  

    • Royal 1940's Aristocrat "Hemingway" Typewriter
    • Eagle Art Deco Lamp
    • Kaweco Brass Pen
    • LIFE Typing Paper
    • Leather Traveler's Notebook with customizable inserts and accessories
    • Classiky Large Wood Box
    • Blackwing Limited Edition Box Set of Pencils
    • Blackwing Sharpener
    • Midori Brass Ruler
    • Tools To Liveby Clips
    • Delfonics Stationery Set
    • Tools To Liveby 6.5" Scissors - Gold

* Because this set includes a typewriter there is no free shipping for this item.  There is an additional $99 flat shipping in the continental United States.