The Kids' Book of Paper Love

Loop paper strips into a paper chain. Snip out bookmarks. Fold a paper house. Make photo booth props – a silly mustache, a crown – to pose with friends. Bind up a DIY storybook and use it to sketch out adventures and dreams. A surprise on every page!

The Kid’s Book of Paper Love consists of four chapters:
Chapter 1: Write
This section is all about putting pen or pencil to paper. Writing letters, hand-lettering addresses on envelopes, or crafting a story. There are even some bookmarks to celebrate enjoying what other people have written.

Chapter 2: Craft
Paper can be folded, cut, glued, stapled, stitched, crumpled, colored on, taped – and that’s just the beginning. This section contains only some of the ways in which papers can be explored.

Chapter 3: Play
Who could imagine that a flat piece of paper could take so many shapes? From a paper chain to a fortune teller, photo booth props to a paper terrarium – in this section, you’ll turn paper into toys and games.

Chapter 4: Share
The projects in this section are meant to be shared – work on them alone and share the results or work on them together with a friend.

Paper goodies
The Kids’ Book of Paper Love is full of hundreds of paper goodies:

  • Decorative cutouts
  • Cards for friends
  • A DIY storybook
  • Stamp stickers
  • Photo booth props
  • Postcards
  • Glitter stickers
  • A paper doll
  • Two-sided poster


Age: 7- 14

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