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Kaweco Limited Edition AL Sport Fountain Pen - Vibrant Violet

The new Limited Edition of the popular Kaweco Aluminum Sport fountain pen is arriving this month (May.) This new 2021 edition is very luscious, sleek with gold accents. It is compact when closed but full size when posted (with the cap.) It looks great with our without a clip and comes in three nib sizes: EF, F and M. We can special order larger sizes but these are the most popular.

True to its name it is vibrant and iridescient.  It evokes a royal feeling is also the color of the 7th chakra. Shadow engraving is elegant and subtle. It creates a clean visual style.

It comes with one standard cartridge. We cannot wait to pair it with the summer purple ink.

This affordable price point for a collector's item makes it a fresh edition to your stash. Who knows it might be your new EDC! 

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