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Hippocampus Volume 1

A new 'zine by The Paper Seahorse

To celebrate our 3rd Anniversary, 36 months of analog goodness, we made an inspirational magazine showcasing the talents of our community. The 'zine has all the things that define The Paper Seahorse. It features informative articles, how to's, original artwork, playlists, a postcard, and a few goodies you'll just love. 

Here are the friends and family featured:

McPressure Press - Decorative Letters

The Postmans Knock - Tracing

Michael Sull - Penmanship

Erica Sirotich - Stamp Collecting

Restless Heart Calligraphy - Postcard

Chiara Zonni - original artwork

Create Change Now - Mindfulness Matters

Rosie Marte - original artwork

Tammy Wright - Jane Austen artwork

Randy Rosenthal - Typewriter 

Amanda Kammarada - original artwork

Jessica Fogg - original artwork

What.Is.Lovely - Cursive alphabet

Julie Clarke - original artwork

Tona Bell - Origami pencil 


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