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Happinez Magazine - Issue 19 Surrendering to love

In this issue:

Have you met your soulmate yet? Should finding your soulmate be an ideal? Because in a fact; what are soulmates really? A soulmate is a person we can trust one hundred percent, someone who wordlessly feels what we feel.

It can be someone so much like you that you become two peas in a pod, a mirror image, each others double. But for real spiritual growth, you need to be able to scrape against each other sometimes, in love as well as in friendships. That’s where you’ll find room for growth. So in this issue we argue in favor of a fresh look at soulmates, not only more realistic, but also surprisingly hopeful.

  • Gandhi’s Wisdom: Love is All
  • Why surrendering to love is still a beautiful thing
  • Tips to help you De-Stress
  • Make your home into a Healing Garden
  • Power Goddesses: The Goddess in Every Woman
  • A chat with no-nonsense Guru Sadhguru
  • Awakening together through Insight Dialogue
  • The Druids’ Path; what drives this movement and what is their path?
  • Chinese nutrition: A dish for every color