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Happinez Magazine - Issue 18 Energy

In this issue:

Heart skills are the most essential skills for being happy. The key is learing to listen to your innermost self. And realise that we are all one. When you know that you are connected to everything and everyone around you, you can live a more heartful life. Like Indian yoga master Swami Jyothirmayah, he remembers us to celebrate life, breethe deeply and smile. Life is joy! And happiness is something shared.

  • Moonsigns – discover the secrets of your hidden star sign
  • The yes/no files – the power of saying yes and the art of saying no
  • Portraits – Life after burnout
  • Red – the color of your heart, mother earth and life itself
  • Home Chapel – living in a former church in South Africa
  • Seeds, shoots and sprouts, crammed full of vital power
  • The third eye: not for looking, but for seeing
  • First aid for asana’s – respect your limits
  • Tender is the night – let go of the day in a loving way

And much, much more.