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Flow Book for Paper Lovers 7

Over the years, The Book for Paper Lovers has become a mascot for Flow. It speaks for Flow and says "See? Paper is definitely here to stay". This seventh edition is once again compiled with hundreds of pages full of beautiful paper goodies, which have been divided into three chapters:

  • Re-post: All sort of things for making and receiving post, such as writing paper, stickers and folding envelopes.
  • Re-use: Goodies that help you with – you guessed it – reuse, such as tags and labels.
  • Re-joice: Full of different types of paper you can use for celebrations, like garlands, place cards and wrapping paper.

The following four designers created the main designs for the paper goodies in this book: Lotte Dirks (the Netherlands), Kate Pugsly (US), Mevrouw Knot (the Netherlands) and Roeqiya Fris (the Netherlands). In addition to the four main designers, around twenty other contributors worked on this amazing book. All can be found in the book itself.

300 pages of paper goodies 

In Flow's Book for Paper Lovers 7 you’ll find more than 300 pages of paper goodies, including:

  • A pop-up wild swimming scene
  • Cat notebook
  • Mobile
  • Masking tape stickers
  • Posters
  • Wrapping paper
  • And much more…

Every single paper goodie inside is removable, so you can rip this book to pieces.

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