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Finding Your Ikigai

What Do You Wake Up For?

The process of allowing the self's possibilities to blossom; of finding the intersection of your heart's desire and the world's needs. This self-development workshop will help you find your true purpose in life and aid you in your life's passion. You will walk away with a fresh perspective and a roadmap for your future, personally and professionally. 

Understanding what makes you get up in the morning will enable you to live a richer and more authentic life. Boldly create profound personal change. Wholehearted living includes quitting a job that is ruining your mental health.

We can't promise total transformation in one day, even though that has happened, we can however promise a transformational shift and renewed self-perception. This is the great reset, we all need purpose in life...release fear, be brave and be free.

This is a live, virtual experience via Zoom. Materials will be sent ahead of time. Space is limited due to the intimate and interactive nature of the workshop.

March March 2nd 12 - 3p EST