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Create Your Ideal Life: Goal-Setting and Productivity Systems with Analog Tools

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Sorting out your life using the latest and greatest apps or trends is all the rage, but are you actually living out your ideal life? Live with intention by creating a system that works for you (and your love of analog tools). This class is for the person that cannot and will not part with their paper planner, but wants to streamline their system to focus on the tasks that will move you closer to accomplishing your goals and increase productivity. We’ll cover simple goal-setting techniques, organization, different methods of task management and create a productivity system that works for you. 

In this class we’ll highlight how to utilize the Traveler’s Notebook system, but what we learn can be applied to your favorite set of analog tools. Feel free to bring in your own planners or notebooks to work with. Participants will receive an extra 5% off on TRC starter kits and inserts on top of the product discount extended towards all class registrants. Complimentary notebook customization will also be offered to participants by the instructor, Risha Roa of Restless Heart Calligraphy. Teacher: Risha Roa