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Watercolor Journaling 202: In-Person Workshop

Join Lynda for her second Watercolor Journaling Workshop. This workshop continues where Watercolor Journaling 101 left off. 

Watercolor Journaling 202 will get you started on the path to a daily creative practice. One watercolor a day in a Traveler's Passport Sketchbook is all it takes to start your journey. Learn how to find small moments in your busy life to be creative and reap the rewards as you fill your journal and your skill grows. We'll talk about timing, finding moments of mindfulness, connecting to our surroundings and learning to really see. There will be a discussion on some of the brands of paints available and how they are different. Lynda will share some of her daily watercolors and share her thinking and insights from her experience. Play with your paints, explore darks and lights, wet and dry techniques, monochromatic and multicolors! Add some written words to your pages and more. 

Lynda will offer a list of 30 daily prompts and, if you wish, a weekly email for check-ins and encouragement. Take the challenge. Let go and have some fun every day. What better gift to give yourself than a Passport to Your OWN Creative Practice!

Registration includes your kit of: sketchbook, watercolors, brushes, collapsible cup and a ‘zine on Daily Creative Practice.

This is the first in a series of four with each workshop adding on to the last. Each will have a homework assignment and a review at the next workshop. Each separate class will be held every second Saturday through March 2023. You can register for all or one.

    Teacher: Lynda Fishbourne

    Read all about Ladyfish Pirate here.

    We also offer her popular Watercolor Journaling class online here. Below is a video that describes the recorded, on-demand class:



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