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Building Depth with Watercolor: Filling in the Negative Space

The “negative painting” technique is a meditative way to get totally lost in a painting and create art that you never thought you could! Students will learn how to use the transparency of watercolors to their advantage in creating 3 unique and fun paintings of foliage details. Brush control, building value, color mixing, contrast, and composition planning are all concepts and techniques that will be covered in this class. Realizing that once you learn to relax and go with the flow, watercolors can help guide your artwork towards beautiful results. These techniques will help you be able to convey your vision. Teacher: Curtis Whitwam

Building Depth with Watercolor: 3 Part Series
This schedule of classes is a series. Each subsequent class will build upon lessons learned in the previous class, however, students will be able to participate even if they join in on just one of any of the classes. The goal is to have fun, relax, and let the paint and brushes teach us. Teacher: Curtis Whitwam

Register for the 3-part series for $195
Understanding Value: March 21st Saturday
Color Blending: April 11th Saturday
Filling in the Negative Space: May 9th Saturday

** You only need to register once if you are registering for the 3-Part Series ***