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Blackwing Volumes 17: The Gardening Pencil

BLACKWING 17 is an ode to gardening. The act of gardening uplifts our spirits and lowers stress. Reducing anxiety, spending time outside and in the dirt is a meditative exercise. Enjoy meaningful routine, patience and increased mindfulness are just some of the benefits of gardening. 

Just as there are 17 essential nutrients for healthy plant growth, there are many essential "nutrients" for making sure we lead a fulfilling life. Keeping a garden allows us to tend to ourselves with love, happiness and purpose.

Each pencil features an Earth-toned color palette inspired by the land: Olive Green finish, a brand new Dark Brown ferrule and imprint, Burgundy eraser and our Balanced graphite core. Each pencil also features a 10cm ruler stamped directly into its barrel to help chart plant growth. 


- balanced graphite 

- dark brown ferrule

- burgundy eraser

- stunning olive green finish

This pencil is sure to inspire amazing gardens and personal growth.