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All Occasions Stationery Set - A Paper Seahorse Exclusive

Remember when you could get an all occasions card set? It had a card for every occasion or event that would come up. You wouldn’t need to go to the store each time and you probably had your stamps and addresses and pen in the same box? Well we miss those so much that we have created our very own updated and modern version of this very handy idea.  

It all starts with amazing cards. Made in small batches from artisan presses, we have selected a bakers dozen of our favorites. Some are right here from sunny Tampa, Florida:



Birthday x3

Congratulations x2



Just Because

I Love You

Thank you x2

Your handy stationery kit is rounded out with a Lamy fountain pen and roll of Pavilio’s die cut washi tape.

Best of all? It comes in a wooden cigar box so you can include your favorite postage, addresses and any other stationery treasures (rubber stamps, stickers, anyone?) so you can stay organized and stylish.

Good to know: By purchasing as a set, you are saving $25!

P.S. Your new stationery set will include a Little Guide to Letter Writing. This zine is full of inspirational ideas to help you get your letter writing party started.

P.S.S. At any time you can add to your All Occasions Stationery Set with a booster pack of new cards.

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