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2024 TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK Plastic Sheet Passport Size by TRAVELER'S COMPANY

The design for Plastic Sheet limited edition 2024 is the TRAVELER’S TOWN.

This convenient Plastic Sheet will let you write standing up, or you can use it as a bookmark to instantly open to a certain page, and draw straight lines.

The Passport Size features the signs of a stores in TRAVELER’S TOWN. We want people to spend the year 2024 feeling like they are traveling through a TRAVELER’S TOWN that warmly welcomes all travelers.

The Passport Size fits perfectly with your TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size. The 2023 version was designed with the motifs related to a TRAVELER'S CAFE. We hope you will feel the cozy comfort of a cafe with this plastic sheet in your TRAVELER’S notebook.


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How to Join Several Refills Into a Midori Traveler's Notebook

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