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2022 TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK Plastic Sheet 2022 Passport Size by TRAVELER'S COMPANY

This convenient Plastic Sheet will let you write standing up, or you can use it as a bookmark to instantly open to a certain page, and draw straight lines.

The Passport Size fits perfectly with your TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size. The 2022 version was designed with the motifs related to movies and soundtracks. We hope you will feel like the characters in the movie by keeping this plastic sheet in your TRAVELER’S notebook.


Back: Grid of 5mm sections, serves as a 20cm-long scale,
made of polypropylene
H 4.7" x W 3.5" x D 0.04"
Item# 40229006

About 2022 DIARY

2022 DIARY collection consists of many tools to guide you through 2022. This collection includes diary refills that are specifically meant to start from the end of 2021, so you can start jotting down your travel plans early for 2022. This collection also features not only limited-edition Plastic Sheet underlay and stickers for customizing your TRAVELER’S notebook, but also the Clear Folder, perfect for taking your notebook with you while helping you keep track of tickets and other papers.

How To:

How to Join Several Refills Into a Midori Traveler's Notebook

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