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"Have a Nice Trip!" A TRAVELER'S COMPANY Experience

TRAVELER'S COMPANY pop-up experience

The TRAVELER’S COMPANY in Tokyo crafts notebooks designed to travel through one’s daily life. The minimalist designs, high-quality paper and accessories allow the ultimate freedom to customize and personalize, and have attracted a worldwide cult following. 

Have a Nice Trip: A TRAVELER'S COMPANY Experience 

Explore the world of TRAVELER'S notebooks at our Ybor City Location through the month of May.

1901 East 7th Avenue, Suite A, Ybor City, FL 33605.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 12pm to 6pm.

This Spring, we are bringing a part of Tokyo to Ybor City for "Have a Nice Trip! A TRAVELER'S COMPANY Experience." As the only retailer in the Southeast that carries their full line of products, we are excited to celebrate the brand and share the analog phenomena. 

For the month of May, we will be turning our Ybor City location into a month-long exhibition of all things TRAVELER'S.

TRAVELER'S notebooks speak to the free spirit in all of us. Come discover how these amazing notebooks can be used to organize, customize, save memories, and let your personality shine. 

New Products


Already the ultimate tool for personalization, a new line for 2019 has just been released, that's as original and creative as when the first TRAVELER'S COMPANY designs were launched over 10 years ago. We are carrying the full line at our pop-up so you can explore the new ways to customize your TRAVELER'S notebook.

Notebook Ideas


TRAVELER'S COMPANY notebook ideas

Discover just a few of the many ways a TRAVELER'S notebook can be tailor-made to your individuality. A TRAVELER'S notebook can travel as far as your imagination will go. Flip through our real examples of TRAVELER'S products in use, available on display at our pop-up.

Art Contest

We are calling all explorers, artists, writers, poets, and anyone who has the adventurous and creative spirit! You can enter to have your original artwork as the cover of a TRAVELER'S Notebook Passport Insert! The theme is: Exploration and travel within Tampa Bay. To read the full rules and how to enter, click here.

Tampa TRAVELER'S notebook art contest

More Inspiration

A great way to get ideas for your notebook is by seeing how other users modify their notebook to their own needs and tastes. Visit our YouTube Channel to get inspired by our showcases of local users and TRAVELER'S notebook products in action.

 Dani took her TRAVELER'S notebook on a trip to Paris, and used it to save the memory of her amazing trip.

 Tammy keeps an entire collection of TRAVELER'S COMPANY products for various uses - some for work and finances, some for journaling, but always crafty.


 Have a Nice Trip, and we'll see you at our Ybor City pop-up in May!

Have a Nice Trip! TRAVELER'S COMPANY pop-up in Ybor City