Our Team

Amanda Doyle 

Communications Specialist  & Music Lover

She is a Tampa native and proud mama to Bailey her 5 year old cat.  She loves cheese and the movie Labyrinth. The last good book she read was “Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. She dreams of opening a tea shop one day that supports local artists. Until then, her amazing side hustle right now is  her own show on WMNF.


Claire Formilan

Retail Specialist & Bookmaker

Claire hails from Chicago and is a paper whisperer. She loves making books and is also a teacher here at the studio. She has been making as long as she can remember. She has been a graphic designer and photographer. Her bubby personality is a breath of fresh air.

Risha Roa

Product Specialist & Calligrapher

Risha is a DIY enthusiast. “Before I buy it – can I make it?” is one of her life’s mottos and it’s a catalyst that led her to pursue calligraphy. She was our first cowgirl and is also a teacher here at the studio. She is a Game of Thrones enthusiast and loves acapella groups. When she isn’t in the studio, you can find her bumbling around with her pointed pen and Shiba Inu sidekick, Cubby.

Rachel Poe

Retail Specialist & Dancer

Rachel is a native Floridian. She is a mom to Boo (dog) and Maggie and Zeus (sister and brother cats). She believes the world needs more kindness. In her spare time, she loves dancing to girl-power tunes and DIY-ing. She fits right in with us as she drinks copious amounts of iced coffee and black teas.

Randy Rosenthal

The Typewriter Guy & Chief Storyteller

Randy is a native Floridian who was born in Miami. After a successful 20-year career owning his own marketing and video company, he now consults all over the world. His side gig is restoring and refurbishing vintage typewriters. He also loves vintage goods and is responsible for the curated finds of Frivolous Dry Goods. He has three cats who tell him what to do. He enjoys doing yoga most every day and believes in the power of creating change.

Tona Bell

Proprietress & Creative Director

Tona has always had a passion for all things paper, packaging, writing and making. Throughout her 18-year career as President of Tricycle Studios, a public relations, marketing and creative agency, she encouraged the use of handwritten letters, continually finding new and exciting ways to use paper. After opening The Paper Seahorse in 2015, her dream came to life as she is able to share her passion for these creative pursuits with others. Focusing on creativity and mindfulness, she believes slow living and analog tools help us live a more well-balanced life.