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Our Mission

Something happens...

 ...between the internalized, swirling brew of emotions, symbols and words that live fully in our minds, and the words that get pushed out, recorded, and live again when read.  The machine matters.  Like Hermes, the pen, brush or typewriter carry the message from the spirit world into the one in which we live, and colors the output by her presence.  There is a tangible difference between the constant, often mindless stream of text we tap and thumb on our devices, and actually pounding out our hearts and souls onto the typewriter's keys and seeing the physical imprint of our thoughts and feelings on paper. It is to this magic that we dedicate Tampa Type.

We are committed to supporting and nourishing the growing community of makers and creators that enjoy the analog over the digital. We curate, restore and sell vintage typewriters.  You may have seen us at a local writing or arts event. Our classes and workshops range from 'zine-making to typewriter art and also include the handy stuff like Typewriters 101. 

Make sure you join Tampa Type and get notified about upcoming events and connect with those of us obsessed with type, writing, indie publishing, zines and analogue media production. We'd love for you to join us.  Bonus:  If you give us your snail mail address we will send you fun, hand-made, typed things and stuffs...

The Tampa Type Typewriters permanent home is at the writing saloon at The Paper Seahorse.

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