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Spring 2017 
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For the maker and curious creative looking for new artistic expressions, Paper Seahorse classes are modern and fun.  All materials included.  Bring an open heart and mind.  Learn something new, make with your hands, give from the heart. Register online and visit for updates. Please make sure to read our class policies.*

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SPECIAL EVENT: Origami Meet-UP FREE and open to the public
Do you practice origami? Are you curious what origami is? Have you always wanted to try origami? Want to make cool things out of paper? Origami is tactile, relaxing, and easy.  It’s good for the mind and manual dexterity.  Come learn the art of the fold and meet people who also geek out about paper.  All materials will be supplied, those of you who are already folding, please bring some of your creations to share with others.

March 4th Saturday 1 - 3p

SPECIAL EVENT: Midori Meet Up  FREE and open to the public 
Join us for another Midori Travelers Notebook Meet Up!  Begin a new year with a new notebook practice or enrich your current one. Whether you have a Travelers Notebook or are curious about one, this is the event for you.  Come see outstanding examples, learn first hand how to customize your notebook, share with others how you use yours and get inspiration from the cowgirls on how to trick yours out.  We will be offering 10% off all Midori Travelers Notebook accessories for attendees that day only. 

March 25th Saturday 1 - 3p

SPECIAL EVENT: Letter Writing Social FREE and open to the public
Come join the buzz of creativity and the fun world of snail mail as we celebrate National Stationery Week.  Learn about pen pals and get some inspiration on ways to keep in touch.  Get inspired with mail art activities. 

April 29th Saturday 9 - 11a

SPECIAL EVENT: Open Studio FREE and open to the public
Join us for a Friday happy hour to kick off your weekend. Enjoy our lovely studio space. Bring your creative projects and hang with The Paper Seahorse cowgirls. Want to practice your calligraphy? How about lettering? Or what about that project that you never finished?  Now’s the time to meet other like minded folks and enjoy some relaxing, creative time in our beautiful studio.

March 17th Friday 5:30 - 7:30p
May 19th Friday 5:30 - 7:30p         





Journaling with Self-Compassion
In our culture of comparison and scarcity, common feelings of guilt, shame, and insecurity limit our life experiences. Most people are comfortable helping and showing love to others but don't often do this for themselves, which can lead to health problems physically and mentally. Far from fluffy, this class shows you how to use your journaling practice to move beyond feeling like you're not enough. Instead of telling you that you just need higher self-esteem, Laura will share about her own journey, from what motivated her to research and implement self-compassion, to what that looks like in her daily life and record-keeping. In class, you'll have the chance to dive into prompts and discussion, and you'll leave with templates on how to approach future entries. This topic can be tough, at times, and no student is expected to open up beyond their comfort level. No matter how vocal or quiet you are during instruction, you'll gain insight on how to release negative habits and form positive ones! Teacher – Laura Knepler    

March 4th Saturday 1 - 3p, $35


Explorations in Creative Writing: The Poem
Poetry is an art form.  Art is a process that generates emotion. Our focus in this workshop is the ability of words to communicate our emotions and to conjure emotions in others.  By understanding the connection between words and visceral feeling, we can explore our own emotional landscape better.  It important to note that this class is more than a lecture.  We will not be concerned with formal poetry forms, or any other rules.  Ok, not quite, there will be haikus!

In this hands-on, experiential workshop, we will use playful exercises to warm-up and free ourselves from the blocks and resistance to writing creatively, learn tools and techniques to open up to inspiration, and discover the emotional power of words.  We’ll explore the variety of modern poetic expression and use guided exercises to create our own poetry. By participating in this workshop you will better understand and appreciate the emotional power of your words on both yourself and on others.

The Explorations in Creative Writing mini workshop is a recommended, but not required prerequisite.  Bring your favorite writing implement (vintage typewriters can be supplied), comfortable clothes and an open heart and open mind.   Teacher – Randy Rosenthal


May 7th Sunday 9a - 12p, $75


Explorations in Creative Writing: The Story
Creative writing, at its heart, is a discovery and practice of connecting our emotions with words. It’s important to note that this class isn’t a lecture.  We will not be concerned with rules, style, or grammar; rather, how to “spin a great yarn.” In this hands-on experiential workshop, we will use playful exercises to warm-up and free ourselves from the blocks and resistance to writing creatively.  Together, we will discover the structure of a compelling story and create characters people care about and learn how to use dramatic conflict to engage an audience.  In many ways, this can be a life-changing course.  You will better understand and appreciate all of the stories you are told, the ones you tell, and perhaps most importantly, the stories you tell yourself.  Teacher – Randy Rosenthal

April 15th Saturday 10a - 12p, $45


Typewriter 101
In this interactive, hands-on class, you will learn about the typewriter renaissance, how to use a typewriter, how to maintain one, what to look for in buying a typewriter, and you will type on machines from the 1920s to the 1960s.  Each participant will receive a copy of the Typewriter 101 ‘zine filled with resources, references and inspiration. Typing on a typewriter brings you back to center, increases your focus and your mindfulness, and can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! Teacher – Randy Rosenthal 

April 15th Saturday 1 - 2:30p, $25


The Art of Letter Writing
Has the digital age destroyed the hand written letter? We don’t believe so. From the basic tools of pen and paper to the postage stamp, letters and postal art are alive and well. In fact, many people are taking the time to write letters as a way to unplug and create. In this workshop we will discuss how a new snail mail movement is happening around the globe. Participants will discover the beauty of lovely crafted letter writing tools, write with a beautiful fountain pen, type on a vintage typewriter, and get creative with envelopes, labels, and vintage postage. Finally, we will discuss how to find like-minded enthusiasts including pen pals and letter writing clubs.

Kit Materials: Tomoe River paper, Life paper, envelopes, ephemera, address labels, postage

Teacher – Tammy R Wright

April 29th Saturday 1 - 4p, $65


Travel Journaling
Adventure awaits!  With the thrill of new landscapes, tastes, and smells, traveling quickens our pulse and feeds the soul.  Whether you are going on a short trip or extended journey, documenting along the way helps enhance the experience.  Month and years later, you will be thankful for a journal that captured those memories.  Your class kit includes everything you need to make the most of your trip: travel journal, inspiration, and tips to get the most of your next big adventure. Teacher – Tona Bell  

May 10th Wednesday 6 - 7:30p, $45


Mini Books: Making Zines

Zines are a super cool tangible way to get your thoughts out there without a crazy amount of supplies or know how. It's like making a mini book in just an afternoon. It's the perfect way of sharing something that you love with the world!           Jenipher Lyn will show you a variety of zines collected over the years: some are really really fancy and some are literally just paper stapled together—both are great formats, just different. You’ll go through a few different zine making techniques, and create your own zines with collage and markers so by the time you leave you'll have a finished zine to take home!  All supplies will be provided, but please feel free to bring your favorite tools too! Teacher – Jenipher Lyn Nightly

May 20th Saturday 10a - 12p, $35



Just a Dip – Introduction to Modern Calligraphy (Beginners)
If you’re interested in learning pointed pen calligraphy with a modern twist, or just want to try something new – this class is for you! This class is geared towards beginners; so if you’ve never picked up a calligraphy pen before don’t be scared to join us. We’ll be covering the basics, including prepping your pen to take its first ink dip, understanding ink flow and pressure essential to pointed pen calligraphy, and the creation of basic script letterforms. You’ll walk away with the basic fundamentals of modern calligraphy, the ability to replicate or produce your own lowercase alphabet, and the encouragement to practice and develop your own lettering style – all without needing perfect everyday handwriting!  Basic supplies for this class will be provided and kits will be available for purchase if you’d like to practice your calligraphy at home (which is totally encouraged!).  Teacher – Risha Roa

March 12th Sunday 9:30a - 12:30p, $50
April 23rd Sunday 9:30a - 12:30p, $50
May 21st Sunday 9:30a - 12:30p, $50


Let’s Write Pretty – Modern Calligraphy 101 (Intermediate)
This class is ideal if you’ve completed the Intro to Modern Calligraphy class or any similar beginners class in pointed pen calligraphy. We’ll build on the basics of Intro and jump right into learning uppercase letterforms. We’ll learn how to use various materials (like colored inks) and have plenty of practice time to work on connecting letters to composing phrases. We’ll work further to develop, embrace, and refine your own style and at the end we’ll learn how to bring your finished compositions into the computer for digital editing. This is an easy way to apply your lettering to images for web, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs.  Basic supplies for this class will be provided and you are more than welcome to bring your own calligraphy supplies to class. Kits will also be available for purchase if you’d like to practice your calligraphy at home. Teacher – Risha Roa

April 23rd Sunday 1:30 - 4:30p, $50


Intro to Brush Pen Calligraphy
Brush pen calligraphy is a great way for beginners to learn calligraphy, without being intimidated by traditional pens, nibs, and inks. All you need is a brush pen and paper! Brush pen calligraphy is like writing crossed with painting—great for on-the-go creativity. In this class you’ll learn the basics of modern calligraphy and how to use a brush pen to achieve the distinctive thin and thick strokes characteristic of modern calligraphy. The versatility of this type of hand-lettering calligraphy is endless! Basic supplies for this class will be provided. Teacher – Risha Roa

March 12th Sunday 1:30 - 4:30p, $50


Let's Write On Stuff: Learn Faux Calligraphy
Disclaimer: faux calligraphy or hand-lettered calligraphy can be very addicting! Learn the basic concept of pressure application which is essential to the “look” of calligraphy in a fun and easy way. The great thing about faux calligraphy is that it can be applied to a multitude of surfaces, not just paper. Each class will apply their new skills to different surfaces. Be thinking of a short quote or your personal mantra to hand-letter during class. Teacher – Risha Roa

May 21st Sunday 1:30 - 3:30p, $40


Hand Lettering: An Introduction
Different than calligraphy or penmanship, lettering is the art of drawing letterforms to illustrate a quote, word, or concept. In this class, you'll learn the basics of drawing 10 different lettering styles and explore creative ways to illustrate your favorite quote or saying. At the end of the class, you'll walk away with a piece that you hand-drew and colored, and be able to apply these new skills in artwork, gifts and fancy envelope addressing and more!  Teacher - Christina Lembo                                                               

April 5th Wednesday 6 - 8:30p, $45
May 24th Wednesday 6 - 8:30p, $45


Hand Lettering: Intermediate
This class is for those with a grasp of basic hand lettering - styles, drawing letterforms, and creating composition - or with desire to explore lettering with different tools and outside the box techniques.  This class will cover adding color and illustration, digitizing your lettering, brush lettering with watercolor and ink, and lettering applications and projects.Teacher – Christina Lembo

May 17th Wednesday 6 - 8:30p, $45

Hand Lettering with Watercolors 
n this class, you'll learn how to create beautiful hand lettered art and stationery, using WATERCOLORS! Watercolor is an unexpected medium that, when combined with hand lettering, produces a fresh, modern style with a surprising twist. This class is for all skill levels, although it will help if you have some experience with hand lettering. You'll learn how to work with liquid, pan, and tube watercolors, along with India ink and similar media. We'll teach you a simple technique with water, a brush, and script lettering that produces gorgeous results; how to fill in pre-sketched block lettering with watercolors; and using masking liquid or white paint pens to letter over a watercolor background wash. At the end of the class, you'll walk away with several hand-lettered watercolor pieces (one piece of art for hanging and a one-of-a-kind greeting card) and a new skill you'll be excited to try at home! Teacher – Christina Lembo

March 18th Saturday 10a - 12p, $45
May 6th Saturday 10a - 12p, $45




Marbled Stationery
Come learn Suminagashi, the art of Japanese paper marbling. We will be using this process to make traditional, intricate patterns, as well as experimenting with bolder techniques. We will also use our new patterned paper to make cards and stationery for friends and pen pals. Zen state included for free! Teacher – Gianna Pergamo

March 8th Wednesday 6 - 8p, $40


The Art of the Fold: Introduction to Origami
Meditative and relaxing, mindful and tactile…come learn the ancient art of paper folding.  It’s not just for kids anymore.  This craft is useful and beautiful.  You will learn several 2D and 3D classic and modern models. Teacher – Tona Bell

March 15th Wednesday 6 - 8:30p, $40


Spring Card-Making
For mom or that special gal, you will learn how to make several beautiful mixed-media flower and butterfly cards. Bring mom along with you and have a lovely craft-er-noon together. Appropriate for all ages. Teacher- Tona Bell

May 13th Saturday 1 - 2:30p, $30


DIY Paper Flowers: Hibiscus
Learn to make the tropical hibiscus flower, long admired for its variety of stunning colors and widely cultivated in Tampa Bay.   These showy flowers when cut only last a few hours.  The everlasting and beautiful ones you will make can be cherished for a long time.  Exquisite hibiscus paper flowers are a joy to make.  Imagine where these will be in your office or home.  They are also inspiration for weddings, showers and birthdays or any special occasion. Teacher – Tona Bell

May 20th Saturday 10a - 12p, $45




Shibori: Japanese Fabric Dyeing
Learn the centuries-old Shibori technique, a Japanese dyeing method whereby patterns are created on fabric by folding and binding cloth.  You will learn how to prepare your fabric and mix fiber-reactive cold water dye.  You’ll create 4 tea towels – each one your very own unique textile.  This dye is very permanent, so please wear clothing you don’t mind getting messy. All materials included.  Teacher – Jenni Glaser

March 5th Sunday 1 - 4p, $60


The Art & Craft of Chocolate Making
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate…and not just any chocolate, but handmade chocolate by you!  Explore the art of chocolate making, a unique opportunity, with local chocolatier Maggie Prittie of Ariel Pierre Chocolates.  She will teach you the difference between everyday chocolate and artisanal chocolate as well as what to look for when buying chocolates and how to have a discerning palate.  You will create a dozen of your own pieces and then package them exquisitely with modern and handmade papers.  Enjoy some of the finest edible and paper ingredients available.  All supplies included. Teachers – Maggie Prittie and Tona Bell

May 7th Sunday 1 - 3:30p, $50


Candle-making with Everything So Pretty
In this class you’ll learn from one of our favorite candlers, Everything So Pretty’s Natasha Lue.  She’ll guide you through the process of pouring natural soy candles with both a wood and cotton wick.  You’ll create your own labels and leave with a lidded mason jar candle and a decorative candle holder.  Teacher – Natasha Lue            

April 9th Sunday 1-3p, $40


Tea Cup Candles
Join us for a Mother’s Day Tea Party!  Bring a different kind of warmth to a vintage tea cup by repurposing it into a lovely hand poured candle.  You'll create a beautifully unique soy teacup candle with a cotton wick.  All materials will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own teacup to fill.  We’ll be serving tea and some sweets.  Teacher – Natasha Lue

May 13th Saturday 2-3:30p, $35


Learn how to start an art journal.  This class will help you drop the fear and resistance that keep you from creative journaling on a regular basis!  Using mementos and keepsakes from your day-to-day life you will create a vibrant memory of your moments, experiences, and thoughts.  Learn how to make beautiful pages with watercolor, mixed media techniques, composition, creative prompts, and lettering.  Feel free to bring anything that inspires you, however all materials are provided (and include your very own journal to get started). Teacher – Christina Lembo

Mach 18th Saturday 1 - 3:30p, $50
May 6th Saturday 1 - 3:30p, $50


Embroidery for Beginners
Celebrate Earth Day at The Paper Seahorse by making embroidered art. This class gives students the opportunity to create designs with a needle and thread instead of paper and pen. Class will start with a basic introduction to embroidery stitches. Then, students select a pattern and fabrics before diving into making their piece. Hoops, needles, thread, scissors, patterns, and fabric will all be provided. With input and guidance from the teacher, you're sure to create a unique piece of artwork that reflects your personal style. Students get to keep their hoop and needle so that their stitching doesn't have to stop when class ends! Teacher – Laura Knepler

April 22nd Saturday 10a - 12:30p, $50






Finding Your Ikigai Workshop: What do you wake up for?
Ikigai is the intersection of your heart’s desires and the world’s needs. It is the process of allowing the self’s possibilities to blossom, of finding why you wake up in the morning.  What drives you? Self-discovery of your “reason for being” will bring satisfaction and meaning to your life. It also lays the foundation for your story. This workshop will help you find your true purpose in life and aid you in your life’s passion.  Bring your gifts and talents to others.  This hands-on, interactive workshop will balance both sides of your brain.  You will walk away with a fresh perspective and a roadmap for your future personally and professionally. Teachers - Tona Bell and Randy Rosenthal

April 30th Sunday 1 - 5p, $95


DIY Public Relations for Creatives: Getting Offline to get More out of Online
If you are like most creative entrepreneurs, you spend much of your time trying to promote yourself online. In this age of digital everything, we often overlook the power and influence of personal, face-to-face forms of communication.  Successful, creative entrepreneurs will tell you they get the biggest bang for their buck with PR.  If you haven’t thought of promotions beyond the digital, this class if for you.  Cutting through the clutter of emails, blog posts, and social media streams can seem daunting.  Adding public relations to your marketing mix is an easy and cost effective way to help your business shine and target the right audiences. It will also make all of your online communications more effective. 

This is not a social media class. It is a key component in specific relationship marketing that is in addition to your social media efforts. You will learn how to: 1. identify who your audience is and what is meaningful to them; 2. clearly and effectively present yourself to this audience; 3. create a memorable informational package and; 4. create a sustainable campaign to these key audiences. Expanding your brand’s reach beyond the screen in a highly targeted way can establish your company in a way you had only dreamed of.   Teacher – Tona Bell

May 13th Saturday 1 - 4p, $75



* THE FINE PRINT - Our policies and good to knows:

Registration required for all classes. Please register for all classes either on the phone or online – space is limited and some classes fill up quickly. We need a minimum number of students to hold any class. Payment is due in full when registering. 

We have a 48-hour cancellation period prior to the start of the class. A full refund will be given with proper notice. However, if you do not give notice, there will be no refund. There are no make up classes. Paper Seahorse reserves the right to cancel a class at any time. If this happens you will be refunded or can sign up for the next class available.


Classes start promptly on time. Please arrive a few minutes early to get settled. If you arrive 15 minutes after the class starts, you will have to reschedule and there will be no refund.

Classes are appropriate for ages 13 and up, unless otherwise noted.

Can’t make a scheduled class?

Private, group lessons and parties are available. We can hold any class on the schedule with a minimum of three students. Private party classes have a minimum of six students and a maximum of 15. Want to have a girls’ night out? A friends’ craft-er-noon? We offer birthday parties (adults/kids) wedding and baby showers too. Contact us today to set up your next class via phone: 813.251.8096, email: or better yet, stop in the studio, we’d love to meet you!