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Limited Edition Paper Seahorse Letter Writing Kit

This Paper Seahorse ultimate letter writing box is one of a kind. We only made a few so this limited edition letter writing box has all the goodies to start your snail mail journey in the most unique way:

* pretty stationery and matching envelopes⁠
* two greeting cards⁠ letter pressed in the USA
* two small batch postcards⁠ made in the USA
* new and vintage postage⁠ (US mail only)
* Kaweco fountain pen⁠
* a Blackwing pencil⁠
* a Le Pen marker⁠
* MT Brand letter writing themed washi tape⁠
* American made complete wax seal kit⁠
* Italian metal letter opener⁠
* letter writing zine⁠ by The Paper Seahorse
* vintage mailing label
* postcard charm
* snail mail sticker

NOTE: wood box not included (display purposes only)

Dimension: W32.6cm× D21cm×H16cm // W12.8"xD8.25"x H6.3"

Whether you are new to letter writing or want to take your art form to the next level, this box will inspire and delight you for many many years. ⁠

Write on friends!⁠