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Blackwing Volumes 64 - Box of 12

This new limited edition pencil is dedicated to the comic book! How fun is that? Remember the Sunday comics? I read mine with my parents after breakfast on that slow weekend day.

It might also be referenced as the Mr. Vieux Bois pencil...In 1837, Swiss teacher Rodolphe Töpffer published a collection of illustrated stories chronicling the adventures of a character named Mr. Vieux Bois. Each page featured six panels with images and captions to convey the action and dialogue. It was unlike anything readers had seen.

The world’s first comic book was created by Rodolphe Töpffer.

For 200 years, comic books have evolved from a niche medium to a comprehensive storytelling device. Comic book writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers, and colorists have birthed iconic characters, explored profound topics, and deftly blurred the lines between pop-culture and art. 

One of the most popular modern comics is the Marvel. Their Universe movies continue to dominate the box office. What is your favorite comic?

The Blackwing 64 is a tribute to comic books and the minds that bring them to life. Each pencil features a halftone design that’s a nod to the 64 color palette utilized in some of the earliest comics. It also features a unique doubled imprint inspired by comic book lettering. Its firm graphite is perfect for sketching a new character concept or writing a list of their super powers.

The deets:

FINISH: halftone


ERASER: black



 These pair well with the Volumes 64 limited edition CMYK erasers.

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