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The Joy of Watercolors #1: Land, Sea and Sky

Start with a simple warm-up using color swatches and shapes.
From there we create simple landscapes of sea and sky and eventually add some land and then move ashore. Explore sunny days, cloudy days, storms, sunsets and sunrises. Emphasis will be on wet into wet and wet into dry with some sketching included. And an exploration of textures! Photo reference will be provided.

Order the kit or...
Bring... Your own Watercolor Set, #2 pencil or Blackwing, 
pencil sharpener, kneaded eraser, Sketchbook, or watercolor paper
140# or more, 6 x 8" or 9 x 12", rough and/or smooth
watercolor brushes, large and small, water cup

IN-PERSON workshop Saturday May 13, 2023 10am - 12pm.

NOTE: you have the option to receive Lynda's special klt for the class OR to bring your own supplies. Select from the drop down below.

Teacher: Lynda Fishbourne

Read all about Ladyfish Pirate here.

We also offer a beginning watercolor class online with and without a kit here. Below is a video that describes the recorded, on-demand class:



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