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Esterbrook Page Holder: Bee


The little brass bee is an extra hand to hold your pages while you pen your journals, filling them with your thoughts and crafting your story. Bees are incredible thinkers with an amazing capacity to learn, do meaningful work, and form complex memories. They live together peacefully sharing values, skills and experiences. Who better than this new friend to grace your planners, notebooks, and books than this exquisite Esterbook Bee? Let this sweet bee be a reminder that you are a part of a harmonious hive of writers and creators who want you to:



BEE DAZZLE and most of all


This handy bee is available in brass and the new stunning, brushed rose.

Vintage design with a modern use, what more could you need? Well an awesome notebook to play in not included but we have a wonderful collection (TRAVELERS NOTEBOOKanyone?)

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