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Watercolor Journaling 101 - Online Workshop

In our fast-paced digital world, it’s challenging to slow down and just enjoy life. Watercolor Journaling can do just that by helping you relax, observe and notice the little things around you.

Journaling is all about you, about self-nurturing, and about knowing yourself better. Watercolors are a great companion to your journaling practice as they are portable, easy to use and lend themselves to happy playing.

In this workshop, you’ll learn some watercolor basics and simple tips for working with them. Start playing in your new journal, making colorful borders and backgrounds, plus more. Get ideas on what to paint and how to maintain a rewarding journaling experience.

Your comprehensive workshop kit includes:

- a full portable 18 paint watercolor set with glass dish, sponge, extra pans and water brush

- a watercolor paper journal

- 2 brushes: round and flat 

- kneaded eraser

- white crayon and China Marker

- spray bottle

- lightning whelk shell

- full color guide

Teacher: Lynda Fishbourne