The Art of Letter Writing: Van Gogh Style

NOTE: This is not sold out. Registration for this Paper Seahorse workshop is done by clicking the link below which takes you to the Dali Museum web site.

Has the digital age destroyed the hand-written letter? We don’t believe so. From the basic tools of pen and paper to the postage stamp placed outside the envelope, letters and postal art are alive and well. In fact, many people are taking the time to write letters as a way to unplug and create.

This workshop begins with an exclusive viewing of the Van Gogh Alive exhibit to inspire and inform our understanding of the power of the word. Then, in the workshop we will discuss how a new snail mail movement is happening around the globe. We will get creatively inspired by Van Gogh’s artwork with envelopes, labels, and vintage postage. Participants will discover the beauty of lovely crafted letter writing tools; type on a vintage typewriter; make wax seals; use rubber stamps and washi tape. Lastly, we will discuss how to find like-minded enthusiasts including pen pals and letter writing clubs.  

This workshop will be hosted by The Paper Seahorse with direction from Tona K. Bell and Tammy R. Wright, teachers and co-founders of Tampa Bay Letter Writers.

Tickets: $35 includes private showing of exhibit and all materials

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