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Intro to Modern Calligraphy: Lowercase + Basics

If you’re interested in learning pointed pen calligraphy with a modern twist, or just want to try something new, thenIntro to Modern Calligraphy is for you!This class is geared towards beginners, even if you have never picked up a calligraphy pen before in your life,so don’t be intimidated! We will cover the basics, including prepping your pen to take its first dip, understanding ink flow and pressure essential to pointed pen calligraphy, and the creation of basic script letterforms.

Infused in this class will be the principle foundations to this centuries-oldart form, which will provide you a solid starting place in creating modern calligraphy with your own style. You will walk away with the ability to replicate or produce your own lowercase alphabet, and the encouragement to practice and develop your own lettering style, all without having to have perfect handwriting!

Basic supplies for this class will be provided and kits will be available for purchase if you’d like to practice your calligraphy at home (which is definitely encouraged)!

Teacher – Risha Roa