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Finding Flow: A Pen + Paper Retreat

This event is being rescheduled for September. Stay tuned.

When words flow like water, you enter a meditative state. Your heart rate lowers, your blood pressure drops, tension is released...finding flow can be as easy as picking up a pen. Explore how putting pen to paper can enhance your life.

What is it? Finding Flow* is a wellness mini-retreat of all things pen and paper. Connection, creativity, calm. Self-expression and self-care through writing, journaling, and drawing: putting pen to paper.

Purpose:  Explore why we love putting pen to paper, the joys and many ways we can become more mindful and creative. Increase awareness to the joys of writing, creating with writing instruments and more.

Why: Taking a moment of meaningful reflection we can nourish ourselves. Healthy thoughts make healthier minds and leads to better choices.

Here are some highlights you will learn and explore:

- mindful drawing with Ladyfish Pirate

- fountain pens & paper 101, ask and expert

- sound bowls, mudras* and meditations

- journaling and creative writing

- the power of affirmations*

- tips to improve your handwriting

Each participant will be using their Flow kit throughout the day. These incredible goodies include a mindfulness guide, TRAVELER’S COMPANY spiral notebook, an Esterbrook fountain pen, limited edition Blackwing pencil, a paper sampler, calm tools, self-care inspiration and much more.

This is a live, online event. We will use Zoom to connect. Directions and a link along with your Flow Kit will be mailed approximately two weeks ahead of time. We look forward to flowing with you!


*Flow state is imperative to our mental health. Single or monotasking allows one to be in the moment, to concentrate on the senses. Finding that flow state or I-have-lost-all-track-of-time sensation, gives one space and time to enjoy calm. Being in flow is restorative we intend to achieve this through pen + paper therapy, through the power of the written word.

Flow state helps us:

  • increase self-esteem
  • improve eye and hand coordination
  • release stress and tension
  • improve memory
  • increase attention span
  • lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • increase communication skills thus self-expression 

What are affirmations and why do they matter?

Affirmations or positive statements enable us to notice our words and thoughts. These phrases can shape our destiny and help us release worry and enjoy life.

What are mudras and why are they powerful?

Self-expression in the palm of your hand, mudras are hand gestures that enhance energy through the fingers. These simple positions are a natural way to harness the power of flow in the body. They can be used for quick change in the body.