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Dream Journal Workshop at the Dalí

In conjunction with the Dali Museum's special exhibition, The Shape of Dreams, we invite you to explore five centuries of dream-inspired paintings, then join us for a hands-on workshop to create your own personal dream journal.

Research has shown that journaling can result in enhanced self-awareness, release pent up anxiety and stress, and create a sense of calm. Dream journals are an age-old technology for harnessing the power of these extraordinary experiences to understand ourselves and each other on a deeper level. Centered on the idea of creative play, this workshop invites participants to explore the many ways anyone can transform the ethereal feelings, sensations, and images of dreams into a form that we can preserve and reflect upon.

What do we make of dreams? Can we find meaning in the mystifying worlds that only emerge in the deepest moments of our slumber? Dreams may be the fundamental muse of the artists on exhibition, and yet each one of us, every single night, creates masterpieces in the theatre of our minds. For over 5,000 years, people have used words to
capture the essence of dreams and bring their gifts into the light of the waking world.

Location: The Dalí Museum’s Raymond James Community Room
Cost: $40 for non-members
Gallery access and all materials are included.