Intro to Brush Pen Calligraphy

Brush pen calligraphy is a great way for beginners to learn the foundations of pointed pen calligraphy without being intimidated by traditional pens, nibs, or inks! This class is a great complement to Just A Dip, which features ink and nib. In this class you will learn the fundamental technique of pointed pen calligraphy, but use a brush pen to achieve the distinct thin and thickstrokesof modern calligraphy. Brush pens are a great tool to use for on-the-go creativity.Learn how to hold a brush pen, the basic strokes to create letterforms, and work towards combining those letterforms to make words and sentences. The versatility of this type of calligraphy is endless! You will leave with two beginner-friendly brush pens, take-home guide sheets, and the know how to continue your calligraphy journey!

 Teacher – Risha Roa