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Writing Ourselves Into Joy

Everyone wants it and it is easier to attain than you think! Tampa poet and educator, Yuki Jackson focuses on empowerment and enlightenment. Join her in this community-based writing session engaging in the radical act of cultivating joy. She will discuss the power of joy and its many forms.

Using joy as the theme, you will  create pieces of writing (poems or prose, your choice) inspired by it. This workshop is a low stakes, beginner-friendly session for adults who crave more creative expression and connection. All materials are included.

This in-person workshop will include: 

  • an introduction to the topic 
  • collaborative guided discussions 
  • generative writing activities 
  • opportunities for individual consultations (time permitting)
  • a toolkit with pencil, pen, notebook and other goodies

REFERENCE MATERIAL: The Book of Delightsby Ross Gay. Purchasing the book isn't required to participate in the session, but in case you're looking for a good read, definitely recommend getting it through a local independent bookstore, such as Tombolo Books in St. Pete or Femme Fire Books in Jacksonville, Florida.

Instructor: Yuki Jackson

Read more about Yuki here.